National Campaign for a Livable Nepal, popularly known as Gari Khana Deu! is a public movement that was launched officially in September, 2009.  In a country where people were struggling to find some stability in midst of the political chaos and were trying hard to make the most of an economy that was tumbling down, the campaign came forth carrying hope for a Livable Nepal—a condition whereby we would be able to earn a living by pursuing a profession or an economic opportunity and have our lives and property secured.

Gari Khana Deu! raises voices on behalf of  Nepalese who, despite their political beliefs or the absence of it, simply want to live a peaceful life in a place where they have an opportunity to realize their efforts into progress and prosperity for themselves. In doing so, the campaign envisions a Nepal where every citizen is freely and securely able to pursue opportunities to better their lives. The fundamentals that the campaign advocates for are:

  1. Security of life and property
  2. Proper and effective implementation of Rule of Law
  3. Freedom to enterprise and participate in profession(s) of one’s own choice

The major objectives of this campaign are:

  • To take the concept of Livable Nepal to the public and garner support for the campaign at the national level
  • To advocate the guarantee of elements like Economic Freedom, Rule of Law and end to impunity that will help build a Livable Nepal

This campaign is neither a political alliance nor does it talk about ethnicity, caste, and creed or class discrimination. It is a movement by all of us who simply want to act on to issues that affect our everyday lives.