A recent article in Republica National Daily stated that there were 1047 bandhs (strikes) in Nepal in the past five years. This means that almost three years out of five was a bandh. The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry assumes that a day of bandh costs us around 1.3 billion rupees. Based on this, we lost about 1361.1 billion rupees in the past five years. Its not just the monetary loss but the massive violation of human rights (to move, to work, to earn a living) these bandhs perpetrate.

Saying ‘enough is enough’, Gari Khana Deu’s partner organization in Biratnagar, Bikalpa, joined hands with local Chamber Morang Byapar Sangh and Udyog Sangathan along with journalist federation, trade union, private school associations, small business enterprises, hotel associations, civil society organizationss etc. to organize a protest against bandhs. Hundreds of Biratnagar denizens showed up for the protest despite the rain. Watch a short video of the rally of people marching in the rally with their umbrellas donning Gari Khana Deu shirts.

Way to go Bikalpa!