At Gari Khana Deu, one question we ask ourselves a lot is, will the new Federal Nepal be a place where opportunities are more accessible and widespread for people to earn a decent living in the country? We have been asking that question for a long time which is why last year we set out to conduct six studies under the theme ‘Liberating Nepali enterprises‘ and identifying challenges to earning a livelihood across different sectors in Nepal. The studies were prepared by researchers at Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation, which hosts the secretariat of the campaign. The studies were released early this week on Sep 14, 2015 and was unveiled by Hon. Minister for Finance along with two other important reports on Global Economic Freedom and Nepal’s Economic Freedom. We are happy to share the links to the published studies with you here today.

The books were unveiled by a distinguished panel of guests inclusive of Dr. Ram Krishna Timalsena (former Registrar of the Supreme Court), Mr. Rameshore Khanal (former Secretary of Finance Ministry), Dr. Bishwambher Pyakurel (senior economist), Dr. Yuba Raj Khatiwada (former Governer of NRB) and Mr. Dinesh Shrestha (FNCCI).

The six new unveiled books are available for download on the links the below:

  1. Regulatory Reform in Transportation Services: Volume I – Understanding Why Cartels Exist and Sustain in Public Transportation Services
  2. Regulatory Reform in Transportation Services: Volume II – Revisiting taxi licensing in Bagmati Zone
  3. Better Education Outcomes Through Education Entrepreneurs: Volume I – Cost of Registering Private Schools in Nepal)
  4. Better Education Outcomes Through Education Entrepreneurs: Volume II – Cost of Complying with Applicable Regulations)
  5. Cost of Firing in Nepal 
  6. Ensuring Protection of Private Property (in Nepal)

The books are also available in hard copies; please contact Samriddhi, the Prosperity Foundation to reserve one!